At last, instruMENTAL  is ready for release. For the moment, it’s only available online. If you prefer an old fashioned CD, let me know. If there’s enough interest I’ll whip some up.  Instrumental is an eclectic collection of recordings, some dating back to the 90s. It's a  retrospective, with some works presented in their original form. Others have been tweaked and updated in one way or another. 

InstruMENTAL is an ongoing, evolving projects, with new material being added periodically. If you follow me on Bandcamp, you’ll get notices of new releases. Please do! 

All of the songs from 2008’s Bright Shiny Pop are also now available to download. It’s a diverse group of songs, and almost a true solo album. Drums on some cuts were beautifully played by Anthony Morrow at the Downtown Batterie in Nashville, and Greg Morrow at the Hum Depot, Nashville.

You can watch the new version of the Two Fingers video here. It took a whole 5 minutes to write, and one finger to play. So why is it called Two Fingers?

That's it for now, check in from time to time and say hi.

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