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all art by James Godwin - check out the Flatiron Hex!


Battle of Britain     

A jaunty little piece that pays homage to one of the greats! A producer once told me to "make it smile!" Here you go....


Bump in trhe Night     

One of my favorites because it growls and screams, but is also sort of laid back and low key. Like me



I have no idea what Tunisia is really like, but this sounds like it to me.


Six Into Four     

6 beats to a bar could almost be considered a waltz times 2, but I didn't want to call it 3 into four times 2.


Blues For a Rainy Day 

Yeah I get the blues too...


Take a Look Inside

an introspective piece written in 1993 after the loss of a dear friend. It's not really about her, or for her, just the way we all felt.


Closing Time      

A really boozy blues piece that was written for a TV show that never saw the light of day, so I kept it


Out of Your Mind

Super ruff mix. The final will be up this week. This one is an example of what I think it would be like if I were to put together a fusion band.



Also really old, one of my first forays into the world of percussion loops. Multiple treatments of the same loop.



It's obligatory for every guitar player to do a version of this.


Quack Pipe

just a nice little groove



Ok, a departure for me... sue me.


Bomb Run

A REALLY early piece, and a shamelessly borrowed feel from my favorite guitar player



Ok another departure for me... Late night, mellow moment.